C'mon, join the club!

Ready for the inside scoop on our newest collection? Central Time Social Club is inspired by good times, good people, and memories from way back when.

It is that nostalgic feeling you get when a song, a place, a memory - sends you right back in time. It is the simple things. It is carrying on traditions and making new ones. It is dancing like no one is watching (or like everyone is watching). It is hanging out with old friends and getting to know new friends. It is family. It is a 5 o'clock somewhere, let the good times roll kind of vibe. It's your favorite dive bar, favorite supper club, or just an awesome party... where everybody knows your name. 

Central Timers balance work and play, we are a mix of big cities and small towns, and it seems like we’re always between one thing or another. But, that’s our sweet spot - right "in the middle of everywhere." 
Behind the design: We chose 1977 as  the establishment year of Central Time Social Club because that is the year Adam, our founder, was born. We didn't initially tell him that we chose to include 1977 in the design. It wasn't until he printed the first sample, that he noticed.
The Central Time Social Club Collection starts with our heavyweight tees and are available in both long and short sleeve styles and multiple colors. Focused on comfort and function, they offer a vintage look, durable construction, a layer of Midwest warmth, and the softness you expect from us. 
Next up, our famously soft, comfy, and just the absolute greatest crewnecks. They are made for Central Timers big and small so you can suit up the whole family. These are the perfect combination of lightweight coziness to keep you comfortable year round. Cuddle up in this crewneck on cold winter days, layer it in spring or fall, or throw it on when the sun sets on a summer day. 
With a little nostalgia and a lot of fun, Central Time Social Club is simply a state of mind. It isn't so much one location or one group of people. It's a feeling, and if you know the feeling - then you're already in the club.

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