From the beginning, Giltee has been a family project. When Adam and Lisa Gilson, owners of Giltee Apparel, were expecting their second child, Adam began teaching himself how to screen print in the basement of their home. At first, it was just a fun little side project that let Adam flex his creativity. Soon, it grew into something much larger.


They began to obsess over the details, choosing only premium quality, ultra comfy, and flattering apparel that made looking good - easy. They infused their love for where they live and their connection to their roots into the designs. Before long, Giltee was the only clothing they wanted to wear. Others started to notice. First, their friends and family asked them to make shirts for them. Then, coworkers, neighbors, and even total strangers started approaching them about their apparel. Without even realizing it, they’d stumbled onto something that really connected with people.

That’s when Adam and Lisa officially began selling their products at local events and markets. The community support blew them away and has been the inspiration behind their work ever since. Currently, you can find Giltee Apparel in various shops throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest. 

Giltee - Adam and Lisa

"We are having so much fun building this brand, and we cannot wait to share our passion for nostalgic, locally inspired apparel with you."


Community Inspired

Although this started with us wanting to make great t-shirts, Giltee has evolved and we aim to do more than just make cool hometown apparel. We want to bring people together - showing love and looking good in their neighborhood. That’s why our designs are hyper-local—inspired by the neighborhoods and communities that we know and love. Seeing people represent their roots, where they come from, where they live, where they let loose or where they feel a sense of belonging - it shows off a person's unique self while also building a sense of unity. Our goal is to bridge that sense of community with style.


Giving Back

With all this community love.... we also love giving back. Giltee sponsors local events, donates to the community, volunteers, and supports the work of local artists.