Sustainable Fashion - GILTEE Sunglasses Explained

We are here with a product spotlight: our sunglasses. Giltee sunnies have become a customer favorite, most likely because they are another example of how shopping Giltee has you looking good, feeling good, and doing good. 

Personally, we believe our sunglasses are the very best because of what they do to support community and the environment. Giltee sunglasses are handmade by a small Midwest company with a mission to treat people and the environment well, aligning with our expectations to source socially and environmentally conscious products. 

Our sunglasses come in a variety of hand-selected styles that combine fashion, comfort, and function. These shades are offered in different colors, lenses, and shapes to meet all your moods. We most often hear that our customers love these glasses because they fit well. Simply put, they look fabulous on and are comfortable and functional.


For each pair of sunglasses you purchase, two trees are planted in Sub-Saharan Africa which contributes to a reduction in global warming, provides income and education, and even saves lives. 

Trees absorb and remove greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and also provide much needed food and shelter for our ecosystem. Planting trees helps to slow down global warming and create fresh oxygen that we depend on.

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