Respect Your Mother

Social and environmental responsibility have always been a part of GILTEE. We recently realized that we don't really highlight this enough - but we want you to know what you are getting when you buy our products. 

When you are in GILTEE, you can feel good about it ~ the way it looks, feels, and that you are respecting Mother Earth and her people. The choices we make are made with our planet and its people in mind.

Here's a peek into our thought process:

  • We work and collaborate with local companies and small businesses as often as we can.
  • We partner with schools, non-profits, and other local organizations.
  • We support and promote community and are involved in the communities around us.
  • We work to keep our quality high and our pricing low.
  • We take really good care of our customers.
  • Our products are crafted using sustainable processes and materials to the best of our ability to source them.
  • We choose to work with manufacturers who treat and pay their employees fairly and who work to make less waste and protect our natural resources.
  • When sourcing new garments we want to know how they feel, how they fit, and how they were made. Some of our softest, coziest styles are composed of recycled post consumer water bottles or other recycled and organic materials. These fabrics are better on your skin and our environment. 

As we begin 2020, we have already embarked on a few more of our goals:

  • We are converting to greener printing processes including the cleaners and inks that we use.
  • We will no longer provide single use plastic bags at our events.
  • We are expanding our line of recycled and organic garments.

We promise to continue to incorporate and discover new ways to be mindful both environmentally and socially while staying in line with our core values.

Thank you for being on this journey with us! 



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