For Better or Worse

Snow. I love the beauty of it. I love watching it fall. I love looking at the freshly dusted trees. I love playing out in the snow with the kiddos. We have so much fun sledding, hiking, getting out and exploring all bundled up and ready for adventure. It is also the little things like our boys catching snow flakes on their tongues with their friends on the walk to school last week. The snow is magical to them. We recently built a snow fort 7 stories high (well 7 layers of snow bricks high). We usually follow up our fun with the obligatory cup of hot cocoa. Another favorite of mine is cuddling up in front of a fire (most likely with a glass of wine) and just relaxing.

Then, without fail, comes the freezing cold (cue today), the dangerous roads (and crazy drivers), the muddy, slushy snow, and ice. Adam loves summer. He loves the heat and hates the cold. I mean, he really hates the cold. I love summer too - but I have a true appreciation for winter - even with things like an "arctic blast" or "polar vortex" (which I would truly prefer to do without).

Where do you stand on Wisconsin winters? People can live here their whole life and hate winter. We always know its coming. We know its long... and cold. But we stay. We love this state... for better or worse.

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