At Giltee, we love where we live!

At Giltee, it’s no secret that we love where we live. So it’s no surprise that we are committed to protecting this beautiful planet of ours by continuously learning and making choices that do just that. Some of our most recent changes for the better are our fun and fabulous new packaging materials (designed by our buddy, Jim Kennelly).

When your Giltee order arrives, you can jump for joy twice! Once because your awesome new apparel has arrived and again because…
* our new mailers are 100% recycled, reusable (there is second adhesive strip to use as you wish), and recyclable
* our new branding stickers are printed with compostable, soy-based ink, made with non-toxic adhesive and acid free paper, and are both compostable and recyclable
* our branded tape is made from rice paper and non-toxic adhesive, printed with soy based inks, and is both compostable and recyclable

See what all the hype is about!

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