2020 Gratitude

Where do we begin when reflecting on 2020? Last year brought on uncertainty, isolation, and tragedy. We were fortunate enough to also experience a lot of positivity, love, and hope. We have seen people come together to support one another, get creative while in survival mode, and go out of their way to make loved ones and strangers alike feel a sense of normalcy and connection. Personally we have been so very blessed to have two miracles come out of such a crazy year, and for that, we are exceptionally grateful.

One, my dad suffered from a very severe and rare heart issue in February. We are beyond blessed as my dad defied many odds and is now back to his old self. We thank our lucky stars each and every day. The second miracle, brings us to our first Giving Campaign of 2021.  

Nearly a year ago to the date and after several years of dealing with fertility obstacles, my beautiful, strong, incredible sister and her amazing husband attempted yet another round of IVF. In August we welcomed our precious and healthy nephew who constantly makes us smile and reminds us of the good. We are so in love with him and he just couldn't be sweeter - or cuter



My sister and her husband received the Family Building Grant early on in their fertility journey from an organization called, The Coalition for Family Building (formerly called The Life Foundation). The Coalition for Family Building works to promote health and alleviate the mental and physical distress of individuals and couples going through infertility treatment, adoption, or third party reproduction. This organization assists residents of Wisconsin and other Midwest states. Through this grant my sister and brother-in-law were paired with an exceptional doctor who guided them through a long road of ups and downs that ultimately led to the birth of our little Finn.


As we say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021, we want to give back to the good that came out of last year. We will donate 5% of our online sales from January 7th - February 7th to the Coalition for Family Building. To learn more about their mission and other recipients' stories, please visit their website. We are forever grateful. 




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