Local Artist Collaborations

To us, local artists are a cornerstone to local communities and neighborhoods.  Collaborating with local artists helps us fuel our mission - to create community inspired apparel that you'll love to wear.   The following are the design rockstars we continue to work with.  By bringing their design inspiration to life and delivering it to your community, we all win.

Jim Kennelly

Jim Kennelly

Jim is a designer, artist, and entrepreneur living and working in Milwaukee, WI. Although he grew up in the Chicagoland area, obsessing over Michael Jordan, eating deep-dish pizza and Chicago dogs, something called him to Milwaukee. After studying graphic design, he moved to The Good Land and fell in love. 10 years later he's still here, and he likes to believe that he has outgrown his F.I.B. status. Although his taste in food and beer has changed, his passion for great design has stayed consistent. He runs his own studio by day, which specializes in typography, package design and branding. By night he's a husband to his beautiful wife Ali and dad to a wire-haired wiener dog named Peter. 

Instagram: @jimkennelly639

Website: www.jimkennelly.com

Leann Wolf

Leann Wolf

Leann is the artist behind LW Creative Design, specializing in illustrated prints, cards, stickers, and pins. A mix of colorful patterns, fun character portraits, and unique typography. All her work is hand-drawn, printed and custom made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Instagram: @leann.wolf

Website: www.Leanngrfx.com/shop

Megan Jurvis

Megan Jurvis

Megan is a freelance graphic designer who travels the country with her family while working remotely for clients around the world. Although she is a Wisconsin native and a Midwesterner at heart, she also loves the mountains and spending time hiking with her family in national parks and the surrounding wilderness areas. She strives to live a slow and intentional life and that outlook carries into her work resulting in fresh, fun and mindful designs.

Instagram: @meganjurvis

Website: www.meganjurvis.com/

Bryanne Skolaski Profile Picture

Bryanne Skolaski

Brie is a designer and creative who lives and works in Milwaukee, WI. She has spent the last 13 years here falling in love with all the city has to offer, from food to beer to festivals and more. Her passion for building and designing things has grown over the years, leading her to become a House & Crew Leader with Habitat for Humanity in her spare time. If she’s not working or volunteering, you may find her exploring nature with her camera, or in the ceramics studio.

Instagram: @skolasbn

Website: www.bnsdesign.com




If you're a local artist interested in working with us, please get in touch.